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LIFEGUARDS GRIEVIANCE Memos who did not received Retro Pay

Medical Absent

  1. .Dave Foxen >I have worked continuously from 1973 to 2012. I did not pass the swim test on May 11 given at SCC this year (my time was 1:21) most likely due to an injured shoulder and hand problem. (In 2012 my time was 1:12.) I was planning on taking the test again in early June but thought it would be better to wait until next year for my injuries to heal up and was told by the administration that that would be fine. After the last rehire test was given we were told that our new contract had been signed and that only those working in the 2013 season would qualify for the retro pay.
  2.  Michael Fischer >  My last raise paid raise was year 2001, started protested  2004 for a pay raise and always pay union dues to 2012.  The year 2013, in active employment Status-2013, the reason, medical leave.
  3. Debbie Fischer  > "-Worked years including 2004 through 2009 (and protested) -Passed rehire test, but did not work in 2010 -Out on maternity leave/ medical leave for 2010 season"
  4. Kevin Tully  > First day  working, injured oneself, out on medical leave, Work related injury Workman Compensation benefits,
  5. Retro payment  2003 to 2012 was not received, reason not on payroll, not able work. Court case closed with out prejudice because no attorney.
  6.  John VanWinkle Broke my ankle had to have it operated on and was not medically able to work. With my new job I could not take off more time from work to get doctors notes and the proper paperwork filled out in order to receive the medical furlough.
  7. Alyssa Siano > One year 2011- I was furloughed due to medical issues
  8. Clifford Zeilman > Had double knee surgery in the spring of 2013 and was unable to work.
  9. Brittany Neligan > I was on medical leave during the 2013 season due to a broken elbow. I have worked at jones beach since 2004.
  10. Erin Kozlowski Caputo >"I had a baby in March of 2013 I was on a medical leave the summer of 2008

DENISE KANE > Bruce sold us down the river...


Chris Coffin > Bruce should write an apology to my family and my six-year-old son who could've benefited from thousands of dollars in his college account.



PEACE  CORP:  I was a Jones Beach Lifeguard from Pennsylvania living in Queens during enrollment at Queens College from 2006-2009. I worked one season at Sunken Meadow, the next at Zach's Bay, and the last two at East Bathhouse Ocean. I did not return in 2010 because I had an internship in Denali National Park nor did I return in 2011., 2012, In 2013 because I was serving overseas in Ghana in West Africa as a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer, I did not received my retro back pay.  


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